Everything You Need to Know About Sunflowers

Sunflowers are lively, bright and cheery flowers; they’re large flowers and one of the main features about sunflowers is that it looks like it’s smiling at us. Though the lively sunflower is recognized globally for its beauty and attractiveness, it represents loyalty and longevity. Be it for decorations or personal gifts, sunflower bouquets or arrangements will be the perfect choice for your floral needs. Read more…

Origin of Sunflower: Sunflowers have Greek origins and the botanical name of sunflower is Helianthus, which comes from the Greek word.

Sunflower Facts: There are several types of sunflowers and they range in sizes from small to large and colors from yellow to red.

Sunflower Symbolize: Sunflowers are the blooms for a third wedding anniversary, and they symbolize longevity and loyalty.

Indoor Decor: Sunflowers are the perfect blooms for indoor décor because the bright colors add brightness and lively to any room.

Sunflowers make a great choice for a flower bouquet or arrangement; their bright colors will surely give a smile to your loved ones. These bright flowers are the perfect way to celebrate joyful occasions such as birthdays, anniversary, or any other occasion.

Sunflower Bouquets

No flower bouquet can give so warm and bright looks other than a sunflower bouquet. The sunflower bouquets are so eye-catching and attractive and it truly radiates happiness and pleasure. Sunflower bouquets are also one of the most ideal gifts to celebrate any blissful occasions such as baby shower, birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.

  • Sunflowers Sunshine
  • Sunflowers with roses
  • Bouquet of Sunflower

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Sunflower Arrangement

Sunflower arrangement is a perfect gift for any occasion, as it can provide positive energy and it reflects happiness and joy. The simple and bold aesthetic sunflower arrangement would brighten up any room. It would make a fantastic indoor decor flower gift for your loved one, and you can gift it any time.

  • 12 Sunflower in a Vase
  • 18 Sunflower in a Vase
  • Sunflowers with Mixed Flowers in a Vase

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