Father’s Day Bouquet – Surprise Your Dad With Flower Bouquet

How to select a unique father’s Day gift?

Father’s day is celebrated every year all over the world but in different dates. Like most other countries Malaysia celebrates the father’s day on the third Sunday of June every year. This day is special one to celebrate the sacrifices of father, brother, life partner, grandfather all the males in the family.Read more…

Fathers are the first and the best hero for their daughter. Many things that fathers do for their children go unnoticed and so we give a special day to celebrate them.

Father is a God’s best gift to the children and your gift should be unique. What else than flowers make a unique gift for a dad on his special day. Apart from any other gift, flowers make the best father’s day gift as it speaks and passes lots of emotion and love. Send father’s day gift delivery Malaysia to mark the special day.

What are the best flowers for a father’s day bouquet?

Father is a unique person in everyone’s life. And the father’s day flower bouquet should have the best flowers.

Roses are considered to be the official father’s day flowers. However lavish tulips, unique orchids, vibrant sunflowers, colourful hydrangeas also make the best choice for father’s day flower bouquet.

Do plants make a better choice for a father’s day gift?

Of course, plants make a very good choice for your dad who likes gardening or indoor plants. You can send online any plant of your choice even bonsai ones along with any other added gift like chocolates or cakes. For a plant lover, this gift would be more cherished than anything else.

Can I get father’s day flower bouquets online?

Yes. Father’s day gifts and flowers can be ordered online. WengHoa flower Boutique can deliver father’s day flower bouquets anywhere in Malaysia with same day delivery. Browse through our website for the perfect father’s day flower bouquets to be sent.

Wenghoa is one of the top florists in Malaysia for father’s day bouquet delivery. A perfect way to surprise your dad with a flower bouquet delivery or plant delivery for father’s day in Malaysia.

Will my father’s day flower delivery be on time?

With WengHoa’s vast experience and designated drivers, your father’s day flowers will be delivered perfectly on time with same day delivery in many cities in Malaysia. Just order online your favourite bouquet for your father, make it special with added gifts like chocolates and cakes online, we will deliver it in a perfect condition and in a perfect time.

WengHoa, guarantees all your flower bouquets and flower deliveries are on time and fresh.

As an appreciation and regards to your dad, send father’s day flower bouquets or father’s day gifts online Malaysia with same day delivery. Cherish the fatherhood of the family on his special day!


  1. What is a good gift to dad for father’s day?

Any gift will be loved by the dad. The perfect one will be a gift box with any of his favorite things along with a flower bouquet. Browse through our website give the coolest dad the coolest gift.

  1. What kind of flowers or bouquet make the perfect gift for father’s day?

A red rose bouquet makes a perfect gift for father’s day. Tulips, carnations, hydrangeas, sunflower and orchids also makes the best choice of flower bouquets for father’s day.

  1. Are roses a good or bad choice to gift for the father’s day?

Roses are not only romantic but also good to express love and emotion between the father and the children or the mother and the children. Roses are the official flower for father’s day.

Red rose bouquets are the best gift for the living dad while white rose bouquets are significant for fathers who have passed away.