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History of Calla Lily

Calla lilies are from the region of South Africa and Malawi. The word Calla is a Greek word for beauty and the flower for its beauty named as Calla Lily. These flowers have an interesting mythical history – these are said to have come from the ancient God Hera who is the wife of Zues. Zues had a son Hercules with a mortal lady and he wanted his son to have all the powers in the world. He brought Hercules to Hera for breastfeed while she was sleeping. When she woke up she pushed Hercules aside and the drops of milk flew across the sky creating a milky way and wherever the drops landed on earth their bloomed calla lilies. Read more…

Calla Lily flowers, with their beauty, elegance and the trumpet like shape widely used in wedding bouquets and wedding floral arrangements.

Symbolisms of Calla Lily

Associated with Virgin Mary, call lilies symbolise faithful, purity and holiness. Calla lily flowers also are the symbolism of resurrection and rebirth as the trumpet like shape of it signifies the triumph of Jesus from His grave.

Colours of Calla Lily and their significance

Calla Lily flowers mostly come in white, but the other available colours are yellow, pink, red, purple and black.   Here is the significance of each colour:

White – Purity, faithful and holiness
Pink – love, appreciation and romance
Yellow – gratitude
Red – strong and courageous
Purple – lavish, royal and admiration
Black – elegance, beauty and mystery.

With their various colours and availability throughout the year, they are most preferred by florist for their floral arrangements for any event.

Do I get Calla Lily online?

Yes. With WengHoa flower Boutique, the leading online florist in Malaysia you can order Calla lilies online to be delivered on the same day anywhere in Malaysia. You can buy Calla Lily wedding bouquet and calla lily flowers online through WengHoa at best prices.

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Flower care tips:

The calla lily plants and flower don’t require much attention to grow and maintain. The plants can survive in cold areas and in summer too. Keep the plants away from direct sunlight and any other source of direct heat. The soil should be kept slightly moist all the time.

When you receive a calla lily flower delivery just ensure the stems are erect, Cut the stems diagonally and keep them in a clean vase with little water to keep them fresh for a while.

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1. In how many colours the calla lily flowers are available at sale at WengHoa?

WengHoa, the leading online florist in Malaysia has almost all the colours of the flower Calla Lily available for sale. In particular white, yellow, pink and purple are the most sorted colours.

2. What is the best occasion to gift calla lilies?

As Calla lily symbolises purity and faithfulness they are the best choice for a wedding bouquet or to be given as a wedding flower gift delivery. Also representing rebirth, they can be sent for funerals.

3. Is it able to deliver the calla lilies at the same day like the other flowers?

Yes. WengHoa has a very good infrastructure and designated drivers who can deliver calla lilies also on the same day like any other flower delivery. We offer same day calla lily flower delivery in KL, Selangor, Ipoh and Klang valley.