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Hydrangeas with their beauty, abundance and florals believed to bring fortune and good luck. Mostly native to China, Korea and Japan, some are also native to America. The blooms of the flower and the rich green foliage supposed to give good luck to the home. Generally, hydrangeas are planted early spring to late autumn. Bloom. But nowadays they are available round the year with florists. Read more…

The name hydrangea is derived from Greek which means water vessel. Hydrangea flowers need a lot of water in their vase. A little more water than other flowers is required to take care of hydrangeas as some types wilt easily.

Symbolism of Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas have different symbolisms depending on the colour and the location. They represent purity, innocence, gratitude, beauty, sincerity & wealth, heartfelt emotions and more.

What are the colours hydrangeas available?

Hydrangeas are available in different varieties and colours. Some of the eminent colours are:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple

The uniqueness of this flower is that they change colours after their flowers are cut first. The classic varieties of dark colours are available once the grower cut the flowers.

Does each colour of Hydrangea have different meaning?

Yes. Each colour has a unique meaning and symbolism and are suitable for different event.

White = Innocence & purity suitable for bridal bouquet for a new beginning
Pink – happiness and other heartfelt emotions with love and are suitable as a bouquet for your loved ones on their special occasion.
Blue – representing forgiveness or apology best one for saying sorry or to forgive.

Hydrangea flower arrangements, though a little expensive makes your event or occasion exotic with its beauty and lavishness.

Is it possible to buy hydrangeas online?

Yes. Hydrangea flowers are available online for purchase. Many florists in Malaysia sell hydrangeas online. WengHoa one of the topmost online florist in Malaysia have hydrangea flower delivery online. We at WengHoa design beautiful hydrangea flower bouquets, bridal bouquet, wedding flower arrangements and more with our qualified in house design team.

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Will my online Hydrangea order be delivered on time?

Yes, we guarantee on time delivery of hydrangea flowers. With a dedicated delivery team throughout Malaysia, WengHoa Flower Boutique, the no.1 online florist deliver the hydrangea rose bouquets or hydrangea flowers on time with same day delivery in KL, Selangor, Ipoh and Klang valley.  The delivery team of WengHoa maintains a perfect delivery schedule.

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1. Are the hydrangea flowers much expensive than the other flowers?

When compared to other flowers, hydrangeas being exotic are on the expensive side. So they are mostly used in weddings for floral arrangements. WengHoa Flower Boutique has a variety of Hydrangea bridal bouquets for wedding at much affordable cost, delivered fresh on the day of the wedding.

2. How to choose the right hydrangea flowers for the wedding?

White hydrangeas like any other white flower symbolises innocence and purity and best suited for a wedding bouquet. White hydrangeas with their bloom and good foliage make a great wedding bouquet in spring and summer. You can use different colours of the hydrangea in your bouquet and can also have these as a flower arrangement theme for your wedding.

3. Where to buy bulk hydrangea flowers online?

In Malaysia, the top most online florist WengHoa is the perfect choice to buy hydrangeas in bulk. We have huge collection of Hydrangea flower bouquets. Contact our customer support in this regard for further assistance.