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Orchid flowers colour & symbolism

Orchid is referred as the best ornamental flower. Orchids in general are symbolism of fertility and elegance each colour has a different symbolism. Read more…

      • White – purity & elegance
      • Pink – grace, joy & feminism
      • Yellow – new beginnings and friendship
      • Purple – Royalty & lavish
      • Orange – Pride & enthusiasm
      • Red – Love and passion

Which is the perfect event to give Orchids?

The colours of the orchids are the deciding factor for which occasion to send for. Red orchid bouquet makes a perfect gift for a valentine’s day or a wedding as other flowers, red orchid represents love and romance.White orchids with their lavish and elegant beauty can be sent as wedding gifts or for wedding anniversary gifts and for baby showers. Orange orchids associated with bravery and accomplishments can be sent as a gift for graduation ceremony, career achievement and prize distribution.

Does the orchid flower bouquet good for wedding bouquets?

Yes. As orchids are commonly known as symbol of fertility in ancient Greek & in China, they are good choice as a gift for wedding bouquets.  Orchids with their natural fragrance & diverse colours can also be used for wedding flower arrangements.

Do Orchid flowers available online?

Like any other flower, orchids are available for online purchase. Orchid flowers are available for same day delivery in Malaysia when ordered online. WengHoa Flower Boutique, the best florist in Malaysia have different varieties of orchids for flower delivery KL for any occasion.

Does my orchid flower delivery on time?

Yes. Being the leading online florist in Malaysia, WengHoa delivers any flower to that matter delivers on time in a perfect condition as fresh and blooming. We ensure same day delivery of orchid flower bouquet, orchid flower arrangements and more in KL, Selangor, Ipoh and Klang Valley for any of your special occasion. In Malaysia WengHoa is not only the best online florist but also the best florist for Orchids as well. We have diverse colours of orchids for online flower delivery suitable for any occasion.

Orchids known for their beauty, fragrance, goodness and associated with fertility & growth are suitable for a flower gift for any occasion. You can send orchids online in Malaysia for any special event. Browse through our collection of orchid flowers for online flower delivery anywhere in Malaysia for your special occasions at an affordable and best prices.

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1. What is the best occasion to present orchid flower bouquet?

Orchid flower bouquets make a perfect choice of gift when given with the correct type and colour for correct event or relationship. Orchid flower bouquet is best for valentine’s day, weddings and baby shower.

2. How the orchid flowers smell? Are they used to prepare perfumes?

Yes. Orchids are used in preparing perfumes. Not all the orchids give fragrance. Some orchids give strong fragrance. Some fragrances are mild and some have citrus like smell.

3. How many varieties of orchid flowers are available with Wenghoa?

WengHoa has many varieties of orchids and in different colours specifically for every occasion. Browse our website or visit our store to know the varieties available.