Buy Tulip Online in Malaysia

Tulips are the most beautiful spring blooming flowers which are usually large and brightly coloured. The most available colours of tulips are red, yellow, pink and white.

Tulips are known for their perfectly symmetric shape and bold colours. Every flower has petals and sepals of three each. Since the sepals are as same as the size and shape of the petals and so tulips appear to have six petals and shapes like a bulb. Tulips in Malaysia are delivered online with same day delivery. Read more…

What do Tulips Symbolize?

Like roses, tulips also have many meanings and have facts and meanings for each colour. In general tulips symbolises perfect love. Since tulips are the first flowers of spring they also mean rebirth. But each colour has its own symbolism.

  • White Tulips symbolizes forgiveness
  • Red tulips like red roses are strongly associated with true love
  • Yellow Tulips mean sunshine and cheerful thoughts
  • Purple tulips are the symbol of royalty

Do tulips suitable for wedding bouquet?

Yes. Associated with perfect love, sunshine and new beginning tulips are one of the favourite flowers for the wedding bouquet and wedding flowers.

As a versatile flower with variety of colours and types of tulips are available round the year even though they bloom in spring. So, tulip wedding bouquets make a best choice for a wedding.

Are tulip wedding bouquets expensive?

As Tulips are available round the year, the standard varieties are affordable except for some rare ones may be expensive. You get the Tulip Wedding bouquets from WengHoa at an affordable price and delivered anywhere in Malaysia.

Tulip Wedding Bouquets

Tulips, the most affordable and vibrant flowers available all around the year are one of the best choice for a wedding bouquet.

WengHoa flower boutique, the most trusted and leading online florist in Malaysia are specialised in Tulip wedding bouquet online delivery. With their in-house specially trained florist WengHoa makes the wonderful wedding bouquets which can be customised according to the customer’s wish.

Do WengHoa deliver fresh tulip flower bouquet online anywhere in Malaysia?

Yes. WengHoa, the leading online florist in Malaysia, deliver online anywhere in Malaysia the fresh tulip bouquet in Malaysia with same day delivery if ordered on time. The tulip flowers are delivered fresh and on time anywhere in Malaysia.

If you want to express your feelings to your near and dear ones just browse our collection of tulip bouquets and send online throughout Malaysia. Delivery of Tulips bouquet to Malaysia is made easier with WengHoa online florist with same day free delivery throughout Malaysia.

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1. Shall I expect the same colour of tulip flowers and tulip bouquet that I ordered online?

Yes. Your delivery will be of the same colour tulip flowers and tulip bouquets with our best floral designers and designated customer service executives.

2. What are the colours of tulip flowers available with Wenghoa?

With the best online florist in Malaysia, you have all available colours of tulips in Malaysia, especially white, yellow, red, pink, rose, purple and more.

3. What is most attractive tulip flower and how much does it cost?

The most attractive tulip flower bouquet of either red or yellow or purple. It is available at an affordable cost at WengHoa the leading florist providing fresh tulip flower delivery.