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The lily bloom was discovered about 2,400 years ago, according to mythology. Lilies have a long history in ancient Greek mythology, where some peoples believed that, Hera, Zeus wife, created lily flowers by dropping her milk on the ground. The milk droplets that fell on the ground were believed to be the seeds for lilies to bloom. You may be able to express a variety of emotions with a lily flower bouquet if you know more about it. Read more…

Adorning life’s moments with lily flowers

Who hasn’t been enchanted by the lily flower’s lovely look and graceful fragrance? Love, divinity, trust, companionship, and happiness are all represented by lilies. Throughout time, the lily flower has attracted people with its beauty. A variety of lilies can be found in beautiful colours including red, white, yellow, orange and pink, which gives positive energy and fills any atmosphere with their pleasant aroma. If you want to make a family, friend or loved one feel so special or surprise them on special occasions, send them a lily flower bouquet by using our same day flower delivery services throughout Malaysia.

Beauty is Bloom. Get Fresh Lily Bouquet to Celebrate Anniversary from Weng Hoa

Marriage holds a special meaning for couples and an anniversary celebration is always delightful. A marriage anniversary greeting should be heartfelt and meaningful, so the relationship that is formed is stronger and closer. It’s difficult to pick the right bouquet, and you don’t want to let your loved one down. This bouquet of anniversary flowers will enchant them and bring a smile to their faces. And a beautiful lily bouquet makes the occasion even more memorable and happier. Let your partner feel the wonderful moments in your life by impressing him or her with a lily hand bouquet and a delicious cake. A romantic lily bouquet or an arrangement of lily will enhance the celebration of your anniversary or wedding.

Send Beautiful Lily Flower Bouquet Delivery in Malaysia at Best Price

Flowers such as lilies are elegant and symbolize the strongest feelings of love and affection. Giving someone a lily flower bouquet is an indication that he is confident that the person is his perfect love. Lilies comes in a variety of colours including pink, white, orange and yellow. White and pink lilies are the perfect flowers to send someone for an anniversary, wedding, birthday or any special occasion. A delightful selection of lily bouquets, lily arrangements, centrepiece, lily wedding bouquets and more is available with the best price. There is nothing more beautiful than giving a bouquet of lilies as they express your emotions and feelings to the recipient in the most tender way.


1.Do you offer Same Day Delivery in Malaysia?

Yes, place your order by 3pm Monday through Saturday to ensure same day delivery. This service is available throughout Malaysia, – KL, Selangor, Genting Highlands and Klang valley. The lily is renowned as a sign of honesty and love, as everyone knows that each colour of lily flower has a deeper meaning. Because of the numerous meanings associated with each lily flower hue, white lily flowers are more frequently chosen as a gift. Whatever message you want to send to your special someone, a single flower will suffice. The significance of this blossom is pure love. By giving a lily flower bouquet to the person you want to express your deep love for, you are showing that you genuinely care about him or her. This flower conveys your admiration for her beauty and your genuine concern for her well-being. Send wonderful lily bouquets to your loved one on their special day by using our same-day delivery services anywhere in Malaysia.