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Roses have been known for their aroma, beauty, and health properties since ancient times. Roses were connected to goddesses in a number of ancient mythologies. It is believed that the Greeks connected the rose to Aphrodite, their goddess of love. The rose is often referred to as “the queen of flowers,” because it stands for love, romance, beauty, gratitude, respect and passion. Did you know that each of the colours used to describe roses has a particular meaning? When giving rose bouquet to your loved ones, it is always a good idea to be aware of their symbolic meanings. Read more…

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The rose is traditionally thought of as the flower of love. Roses are recognised for being trustworthy apologies in addition to being a symbol of love, so you may use them to apologise to someone you’ve disappointed or wounded. Giving flowers may gradually soften someone’s heart since it is thought that you are really sorry. Select your preferred bouquet of roses or an rose arrangement and start showing your loved ones that you care. If you’re looking for an online flower shop with simple and quick ordering, Weng Hoa is the best choice.

Gift Rose Flowers Online for Special Ones

You can give your loved one’s red roses bouquet as a way to express your unending love. The red rose, which stands for deep and pure love for your lover, is a sign of eternal love. You can buy red roses for your loved ones to express your love and affection on special occasions other than Valentine’s Day, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Mother’s Day and days like festivals. Numerous life milestones demand for a moment of appreciation and celebration, including graduation, marriage and new born. Celebrate the event with a rose flower bouquet or arrangement that expresses “congratulations” or “best wishes”!” Our online store offers a wide selection of rose bouquet Malaysia, and we send rose bouquets, arrangements and other gifts at an affordable price.

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Roses are an evergreen and adaptable gift. They never go out of style. But which rose colour is ideal for which situation?

Red Rose: Love, Passion, Romance, Eternal Love
Pink Rose: Gratitude, appreciation, grace, passion, love
Peach Rose: Enthusiasm, Sincerity, genuine
Yellow Rose: Friendship, joy, healing
White Rose: Sorry, Thanks, innocence, sympathy, spirituality
Orange Rose: Energy, desire, abundance, growth

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Roses are the most popular and classic flower in the world. The essence of roses is added to everything they touch because of their beauty. Rose delivery is a wonderful way to mark a significant occasion, from weddings to graduations and beyond. When it comes to choosing a gift, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet or arrangement of roses. Rose bouquet delivery is a wonderful way to mark a significant occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries and beyond. Want to buy and send roses online to your beloved ones? Roses delivered to KL, Selangor, Ipoh and Klang valley, by one of the leading florists in Malaysia, Weng Hoa, the best florist in petaling street also offers free same-day delivery.


What are the colours of roses are available with Wenghoa?

Before sending a rose to a loved one, it’s important to understand that each of the different colours has a particular message. In our shop, you can find roses in a variety of colours, including red, pink, yellow, white, peach, and orange. Order a stunning red rose bouquet to your loved one, but make sure you understand its significance before giving it.

Shall I add my messages when buying roses online?

Our florist will attach a customised card with a personal message when you buy roses online. You can include a message card for a birthday, an anniversary, wedding wishes, a get-well soon, or a congratulations message card.

Is there any way to add some gift items or cake along with the roses?

A rose bouquet or an arrangement is an obvious choice if you’re searching for the perfect gift for any occasion. Do you want to add some gift items along with the roses to make it more appealing? We have a wide selection of rose bouquets, but we also have other gift items like cake, chocolates, balloons, champagne, greeting cards, and much more that go beautifully with any bouquet of roses.