Valentine’s Day Flowers: Rose Day Special

Make this Rose Day an unforgettable occasion with the exquisite collection of roses available at Weng Hoa. For ages, roses have served as a powerful representation of love and ardor. What could be more than conveying your deepest affections with a breathtaking arrangement of these everlasting blooms? Whether you’re searching for a classic red rose bouquet or a unique arrangement featuring pink roses, our selection is sure to make your loved one’s heart skip a beat. At Weng Hoa, we offer a wide range of rose bouquets to suit every taste and preference. Read more…

From the magnificent 100 roses bouquet to the stunning 500 roses bouquet, we have the perfect selection to make your special someone feel truly cherished. Our pink rose bouquet is also popular, offering a delicate and romantic touch for any occasion. Visit Weng Hoa today and explore our exquisite collection of roses to make this Rose Day unforgettable.

100 Roses Bouquet:

The 100 Roses Bouquet is the ultimate expression of love and romance on Rose Day. This abundant arrangement features the timeless beauty of red roses, symbolizing deep devotion and affection. Imagine the look of wonder on your partner’s face as they receive this stunning Bouquet, overflowing with elegance and passion. Each rose is meticulously handpicked and arranged to create a breathtaking masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression. Experience the luxury of our 100 Roses Bouquet and make a grand gesture for years. This exquisite arrangement epitomizes sophistication and class, perfect for expressing your deepest emotions. Let the beauty of these roses speak for themselves and convey your love in the most elegant way possible. Order now and experience the magic of our 100 Roses Bouquet.

500 Roses Bouquet:

Our 500 Roses Bouquet is the epitome of grandeur and an ultimate expression of love. For those who believe in going all out, this opulent arrangement is a true spectacle that will leave your beloved speechless. Featuring an abundance of roses, it is a gesture that speaks volumes and showcases the depth of your affection in an extravagant display. You convey your unwavering love and commitment with every petal, making this bouquet a perfect choice. Our exquisite 500 Roses Bouquet is tailor-made for those extraordinary moments like weddings, anniversaries, or the romantic celebration of Valentine’s Day. It symbolizes your love and devotion, making your partner feel cherished and loved. If you want to make a magnificent statement and elegantly display your passion, look no further than our impeccable 500 Roses Bouquet. It is the ideal choice for an awe-inspiring grand gesture.

Pink Rose Bouquet:

The Pink Rose Bouquet is an excellent choice for those seeking a more delicate and gentle expression of love. Pink roses symbolize grace, admiration, and sweetness, making them the perfect gift for Rose Day. This charming arrangement captures the beauty of pink roses and exudes a sense of tenderness and affection. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the beginning stages of a relationship or simply would like to convey your heartfelt admiration; a pink rose bouquet possesses the innate ability to express your emotions with a delicate touch of grace. Our expertly crafted Bouquet is designed to showcase the natural beauty of each rose, creating a stunning and unforgettable gift. At Weng Hoa, we prepare our pink rose bouquet with the utmost attention to detail, making it no exception.


Each rose is hand-selected and arranged to create a truly breathtaking display. Look no further than the pink rose Bouquet if you seek a gift that delicately and gracefully expresses your emotions.

Bouquet of Roses:

Our collection of bouquets extends beyond the classic red and pink roses. We provide an extensive array of options that cater to every preference and style, ensuring there is something for everyone to cherish. From vibrant mixed rose bouquets to elegant white rose arrangements, you’ll find a variety of choices to create the perfect moment on Rose Day. Each Bouquet showcases the roses’ natural beauty, ensuring a memorable and heartfelt gift for your loved one.

At Weng Hoa, we understand the importance of quality and presentation. Our skilled florists meticulously craft each Bouquet to ensure it arrives in its most pristine state, ready to delight the recipient. We source our roses from trusted growers to guarantee the freshest and most vibrant blooms. With our unwavering attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can place your trust in us to ensure that your Rose Day gift impeccably conveys your love and affection.

Make this Rose Day a cherished memory with a stunning bouquet of roses from Weng Hoa. Whether it’s the grandeur of a 100 rose or 500 roses bouquet, the delicate charm of a pink rose bouquet, or the timeless beauty of a bouquet of roses, our collection will help you convey your emotions in the most heartfelt way. Choose Weng Hoa for exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and a gift to treasure.