Chinese New Year in Malaysia

As known by all, Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year, marks the beginning of the spring season after a dead winter, which usually falls on late January or early February.

Chinese New Year is celebrated as Spring Festival in China & Malaysia which is a public holiday in Malaysia, 1/4th of the population in Malaysia is of Chinese descent.


Top Decorative ideas

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Flowers play an important role in any new beginning which symbolizes good luck, purity and peace.

Let’s see the top flower decorations for this Chinese New Year.


Traditional Decorations

Some of the famous traditional decorative ideas for the Chinese New Year are like –

Chinese Red Lanterns

Spring Festival Couplets

New Year Paintings

Upside down Fu

Paper Cutting Arts

Door Gods and more.

We will see here about the flowers that symbolize and attract Good Luck


Pussy Willow

  • The buds of the pussy willow makes it a favorite flower for the Chinese New Year. In Chinese tradition this represents the coming of prosperity.
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Flamingo Lily

  • These lilies look auspicious and come in red or pink colour, the symbols of prosperity. With blossoms shaped like little hearts, these flowers make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day too. This even remove formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia from the air and makes the place pure.



  • Narcissus bloom is considered as one of the most opportune flowers and symbolises both wealth and opulence. With their fragrance and delicate petals, they are also referred to as water fairy flowers.
  • In Chinese culture, the Narcissus is considered as a symbol of good fortune and it will make a perfect gift for your family and loved ones to pass on good luck wishes.



  • Orchids are always considered for fertility, beauty, luxury wealth and luck. Also a symbol of abundance Orchids are the most sorted after prevalent gift to be sent for any special occasion for friends and family. These come in different colours, especially their tiny yellow petals look like they are sprouting gold coins.
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Lucky Bamboo

  • Lucky Bamboo is a traditional Chinese plant which supposed to represent happiness, strength and good health. These special plants produce different shapes and no two plants look similar. Chinese believe that keeping this at home all year around as it symbolizes wealth, fortune and harmony.
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WengHoa Flower Boutique wishes all its happy clients a very happy Chinese New Year!