A thing of beauty is a joy forever say, wise old men. What more can be more beautiful than nature? I am sure those who said those words did enjoy the open nature vast blue skies and the deep seas, the blooming flowers and all the blessings of nature with the sounds of the birds. This day an age we cannot be roaming in the hills and valleys and we have all limited ourselves to our place of work. So what can be done to enjoy the nature within our limits? Bringing in flowers into an office is just a way to bring a piece of nature into the closed walls. The beauty, the tenderness, the fragrance into and the freshness is what can make the environment more lively, which otherwise would turn out to be a battlefield of ego and targets alone ever-changing When you walk into an office reception with a vase full of fresh flowers with foliage and a receptionist behind it wearing a smile matching the beautiful flowers. As you walk in getting to see the tall greens on beautiful pots and more flowers on the tables inside. Take a breath and feel the fragrance fill your heart. Wouldn't it be a welcome sign for you to walk into such an office with a smile? The fragrance of flowers eases the mind has a therapeutic effect on those who breathe in the air which has a floral essence. It calms the mind and helps prevail in a friendly environment. Flowers and its fragrance and the tender touch have a lasting soothing effect on the human brain and it has been proven beyond doubt with researches far and wide. With the staff and the visitors at ease and with a happy smile productivity is sure to increase and at the same time would give the entire office a touch of nature's class. Flowers can add to be the easy and ever-changing decorations. Add more colors of fresh flowers with its natural soothing fragrance to make your workplace a productive and happy one... it needs nothing more than a will to change a little. So why not start today. Welcome your colleagues with a smile and a floral fragrance.