In several Asian countries and regions, the Chinese New Year or CNY is celebrated every year and it has been a major event. The Chinese New Year 2022, the Year of the Tiger, will take place on 1st February 2022. Tiger is considered as a symbol of strength and power in Chinese culture. Chinese New Year is a time of new beginnings, and red is a colour that symbolizes hope for a brighter future because it represents good fortune, positive energy and happiness. With decorations that appear everywhere during the celebrations, red also represents good luck, happiness and hope. Flowers are an important part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, as well as lucky fruits and colours. Chinese New Year Flowers are particularly meaningful during this festive season.

Here are 5 lucky flowers that are auspicious for the Chinese New Year 2022.



Peonies are one of the most significant symbolic flowers in Chinese culture. It is known as the 'flower of wealth and peace'. In Chinese culture, the peony is regarded as a symbol of beauty, innocence and peace. The red colour of peonies is promising and auspicious, and known to bring good fortune in 2022 as one of the flowers with symbolic representation. Looking for the Chinese New Year Decorations and Flowers simply log on to our website Weng Hoa, the best florist in KL.
•    Signature Bouquet
•    Blushing Bouquet
•    Spring Blooms
•    Light Pink Peony Bouquet


The orchid is the most popular flower of Chinese New Year for many reasons. Orchids represent wealth, fertility, dignity and elegance. To those who purchase them or gift orchids for Chinese New Year, they will bring a lot of fortune and happiness. The colour and beauty of orchids during Chinese New Year make them quite popular, which you can find in every flower shop. Then, why not give Chinese New Year Flowers KL, to your dear ones on this special eve? Log on to our online portal Weng Hoa for the best CNY Flowers 2022 and bring good luck to your family as well as for gifting.
•    Modern White Vase
•    Dazzling Orchid Bowl
•    Rustic Charm
•    Purest Love

Send this beautiful flower arrangement to your special some ones, a perfect gift for this chines new year


Chrysanthemums are abundant because of the layers of petals, vibrant colours, and yellow varieties that signify wealth and prosperity. It's especially auspicious for older people to receive Chrysanthemums since they are associated with longevity. The golden chrysanthemums will help improve your prosperity in the coming year. Send Chinese New Year Flower Gifts Online Malaysia from the best online flower shop in KL, Weng Hoa.
•    Mix Happiness Bouquet
•    Basket of Mix Flowers
•    Flower Vibes
•    White and Blue Flower Basket


The lily is another flower found among the decorations for the Chinese New Year. It signifies success, wealth and prosperity. It is an ideal flower for welcoming Chinese New Year. As it has an amazing scent, people often use it in the decorations of their homes for Chinese New Year because of its beauty and fragrance. Order Chinese New Year flower gift Collections from the best florist in the industry, Weng Hoa.
•    Blushing Bouquet
•    Blushing Blooms
•    Bouquet of Lavish Pink Lily
•    Lovely Lily Arrangement

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Gerberas are plentiful everywhere to decorate for the holiday and it represent romance and longevity, and are believed to enhance love luck and good fortune for those who are single. Gerberas are popular among young people who are looking for love this year. Are you looking for the Chinese New Year Flower Delivery in Malaysia? Log on to our online portal Weng Hoa for the amazing Chinese New Year Flower Collections.
•    Bouquet of Gerberas
•    Pastel Floral Basket
•    Lavish Pink Gerberas
•    Bouquet of Lavish Pink Gerberas

The Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate the coming of spring or the renewal of life. The Chinese New Year is a celebration rooted in symbolism. Because of its symbolism, it is traditional to decorate the festival with flowers that symbolize prosperity, rebirth and good fortune. On Chinese New Year, families send gifts and decorate their homes with flowers that symbolize abundance and prosperity. Give the gift of abundance to your loved ones by sending Chinese New Year Gifts Online Kuala Lumpur from the trusted florist in the industry, Weng Hoa.

We, Weng Hoa, are here to help you this Chinese New Year to send Chinese New Year plants and flowers to your family and friends to celebrate the season.