Life gives you so many occasions to express your feelings emotions and love. Birthdays, anniversaries, festivities, special days and more. But many prefer to choose flowers to express the happiness. Birthday bouquets, floral garlands, and the single red roses for valentines day. the number and the style of gifting differ from place to place, but flowers remain an integral part of the human life...

Has it ever dawned to you as to why flowers are the best way to express affection, emotion or love? Some would be of the opinion that the colors they add to life are special, some would think of the fragrance that it brings along. It is a piece of nature that you gift when gift flowers. Apart from the natural, emotional, pleasure flowers impart to a person there is more to it... the tenderness, the care with which the flower was grown and more as we can keep elucidating. But I would like to bring to your notice a totally different aspect of the flowers.

They remind you of a very fact of life...everything in life is perishable. What remains is a sweet memory. Think of the most beautiful garden of flowers... it does bring a smile to you, doesn't it? But the garden and the flowers are not forever, the memories are. Every time you remember a smile would blossom on you. The life which is for a few days on earth, the flowers too would perish soon. But the beauty lies in the flowers shining bright and bringing smiles attracting even the bees to the man who feels he has control over everything. But alas, we all are here for a few days and lets spread our fragrance and smiles as we live and celebrate the happy moments in life. Even at the time of death, we take flowers along to remind the fragrance and the colors one spread as he lived his life. What more can bring this fact of life to our minds than a bunch of flowers.

You might have heard the saying "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", but even a person who does not appreciate beauty would have a smile when he sees a beautiful flower extended towards him. From baby showers to corporate achievements, from birthdays to celebrations, religious to social events, healthy and sick, the best gift that can be given to all .... are flowers. So the next time you think of a gift for someone you love and care... think of flowers.

- Kriss Venugopal